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Briefing Of High Frequency Screen

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Briefing Of High Frequency Screen


High frequency dewatering screen for dewatering of material.

Advantages of EuroCMA Conventional screen

  • Super longer service life:EuroCMA screens are designed for infinite fatigue life using advanced and mature methods of design and construction philosophy. Excellent corrosion protection and wear resistance are taken. All these measures ensure the super longer service life of EuroCMA screens.
  • Higher capacity & high screening efficiency:High "G" force & high open area deck panel which specially suit your material’s property leads to high production capability & high screening efficiency.
  • Lower power consumption /Lower running noise:Optimal design of screen construction leads to lower power consumption. Quiet exciter and modular deck panel and rubber spring will produce lower running noise.
  • Lower Maintenance & satisfied After Sale Services:EuroCMA screens do not need maintain except deck panels change and exciter lubrication within the warranty period.


Technical parameters

  • Screen widths, fully usable from 800 mm to 2400 mm
  • Screen lengths, fully usable from 3 m to 5 m
  • Feeding capacity up to 100t/h depending on material

High Frequency screen model

Production Specification


High Frequency Screens








Products Photo

High frequency dewatering screen USV1836

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